Circulation Booster V3 Review

Circulation Booster V3 Review

After suffering with poor circulation for a number of years I was growing tired of my feet and lower legs constantly feeling cold, tired and achy. Due to many long hours sitting at a computer desk during the day, my legs never seemed to move much and thus the symptoms of bad circulation problems began.

Fed up with the foot cramps and muscle spasms that were keeping me awake at night, I decided to look online for a solution. My search led me to advice on diet, exercises and all the things I had already tried and failed with.

It was by pure accident that I one day stumbled across the Circulation Booster and after reading a number of reviews and articles about it, I decided to buy and I’ve not regretted it since.
Granted, it is an expensive thing to buy, but for me, the improvements I have experienced means it has been worth every single penny. Within just a couple of weeks my lower leg circulation was vastly improved, as were the niggling aches and pains in my feet.

As a medically certified device the Circulation Booster V3 works by sending small electrical impulses through the foot pads, and using it for just thirty minutes a day can help not only with the problems I have, but in alleviating swelling in the feet and ankles as well as improving blood flow throughout the lower legs and feet.

For more targeted relief, the Circulation Booster V3 pack also contains four body electro pads and can be operated by a single remote control. All you need to do is plug in to the mains, place your feet on the rubber foot pads, sit back and relax. The ninety nine intensity settings do seem a little bit extreme as I only really stick to the two or three that I find comfortable, but for anyone who is suffering with circulation problems because of long periods of inactivity or painful swelling of the ankles and feet, the Circulation Booster V3 is the only thing that has worked for me, and it could help you too.

Below you'll find the Circulation Booster at the best price we could find for your country.

UK visitors, please click here for our review of the European version of the Circulation Booster V3.

Five out of five stars.
We liked
It really works. Quick Results. Easy to use.
We didn't like
A bit pricey. It's not yet available in the US.

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